GDPR Please

A Light weight analytics blocker protecting you from Session Replay and other analytics tracker privacy abuse. 🕵️

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Guiding Principles

The EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been an amazing leap in the right direction for consumer privacy on the web. GDPR Please aims to deliver these rights to everyone around the world by blocking all tracking technology that does not provide the following rights:

NOTE: "Legitimate Use" is a legal provision we follow, that typically exempts opt-in consent for bug trackers. We also have a few GDPR exceptions ourselves.

Blocked Trackers

Over 90 of the worst session replay* and analytics providers are blocked with more on the way:

Responsible, Unblocked Trackers

Coming soon, with signed Attestation of Compliance forms.

Author's (Opinionated) GDPR Deviations

GDPR Please's tracker guideline currently has two deviations from the official GDPR requirements that we may reconsider after the GDPR takes effect on May 25th, 2018:

Trackers in the News


GDPR Please understands the value Session Replay, Bug Trackers, CRMs, and other analytics trackers can provide to technology companies, however the industry has been abusing consumer privacy for far too long. GDPR Please takes a healthy middle ground, advocating for informed, opt-in user consent. GDPR Please aims to force anaytics vendors to smarten up.

Other blockers (like Adblock Pro) typically block all top level domains of trackers. GDPR Please will attempt to only block the tracking servers and related scripts, allowing the tracker's website to still operate. For example, GDPR Please will attempt to block Hubspot's tracker while allowing users to still login to the Hubspot website. Analytics vendors that do not expose dedicated tracking servers, or maliciously and dynamically change their subdomains, will have their entire domain blocked.

But Why GDPR Please

Simply put, nothing else felt right. Tools like like Adblock Pro are paid for by Advertisers, while Ghostery sells your browsing data. uBlock Origin and uMatrix required too much configuration while breaking many sites. At the end of the day I just wanted to know my right to privacy is protected. GDPR Please is a lightweight browser extension, so is both performant, and easy for me to maintain without requiring a revenue source like most of the other content blockers.


Does GDPR Please track me?

No, we do not track anything- not on this website or within the browser extensions. In the future, the domain of the website found to be using a tracker might be recorded to better study the trackers, but no personal info, like IP Address or time would be recorded.

I represent a compliant tracker, how can I be unblocked

Fill out this application form attesting to following our guidelines. When satisfied, we'll work together to release a public statement.

I want to submit a site to be blocked

Give us a few details and we'll look into it.


GDPR Please is an experiment in the adventure of protecting privacy. For the first few months features will be kept lean. After gauging public interest, GDPR Please will likely become configurable.

This project is still very new, so please excuse any lack of documentation.

Open Source 😀

Contribute to GDPR Please on Github! Your feedback is greatly appreciated. We may not always agree with the best plan of action, but your feedback will always be fairly considered.

A Disclaimer of Conflict

The author has worked with, and on, both analytics and Session Replay technology, having performed security audits and bug bounties, used vendors on commerical and non-commerical projects, and has even consulted and designed both analytics and Session Replay systems. The author acknowledges these biases and experiences when advocating for the elimination of privacy abuses. Over the next few months I'll look into bringing on an independent team to relinquish control to.